Betty and I met yesterday with the Oncologist who is managing the various elements of my Chemo (his bailiwick) and Radiation and everything else involved. Since I have been coughing a lot (apparently there is such a thing as Radiation Cough), he ordered a chest x-ray, I thought to double check to make certain I did not have pneumonia (which I’ve had on occasion), but really to make certain that the esophageal cancer had not spread to my lungs; it had not, so that news is good, and no pneumonia either, which is also good. Having had 5 of 6 prescribed Chemo Treatments, and 22 of the 28 prescribed 28 Radiation Treatments, I am at once in the home stretch and also heading into the very toughest part of this regiment, as the last week or so can be especially tough; once again, I am so very grateful that we had been warned that this would be a grind. Sort of like in a marathon (of which I have run/walked 6 to Betty’s 47, but who’s counting, right?!?) when you hit the wall. It’s Left/Right/Left until you grind through those last several miles. 

Apparently, the Chemo is meant to boost the Radiation, which does a number of the sternum, a prime location for the production of blood cells, and my WBC, RBC and Platelet counts are all low, and thus I got a WBC booster shot this morning with another one scheduled for tomorrow. Just before the Infusion Nurse pushed in the needle, she said this would make my bones ache. Ah, something else to look forward to!!!