10/3/2017 - 10/6/2017

Back from having a port installed in my chest to make the chemo go more smoothly. A little sore but that’s to be expected I’m told. I can handle the discomfort no matter how much there is as long as everything is as it should be. Chemo, which is once a week, and radiation, which is every weekday, begins tomorrow.

I just completed my first week of treatment.  Chemo and Radiation began Wednesday, with Chemo being Wednesdays and Radiation being every week day. I'm dragging from lack of sleep, I think, but should be able to recover over the weekend. I can only imagine at this rate what I'll feel like next Friday, but we'll see. No one said this would be easy, and in fact everyone we've talked to talked about how difficult this would be, so we've been forewarned. Still have great confidence that I am in good treatment hands, and Betty of course is The Champ.