The film was just great.  Everyone involved did a great job, and it was wonderful to see them again, some for only a very few moments, and others, such as June Griffin Garcia, who plays the lead character, for a little longer than that.

On the way home, however, and just when it looked like there might be some respite, while boarding the airplane, I dislocated my artificial right hip.  After two unsuccessful attempts while in the ER, the orthopedic surgeon there was able to put it back into place; put me in a hip brace, which I am to wear for 6-12 weeks; and sent me on my way back home to St. Louis.  

Back in STL, I met with my orthopedic surgeon the very next day and, while he might have mentioned that I was less than prudent when it came to hip precautions, he did indicated that among the side effects of cancer chemotherapy was changes to connective tissue, which might have caused or at least exacerbated the hip dislocation.   With that in mind, he informed me that I simply must make this re-location work, as surgery, at least in the short term, is simply not an option. 

I’m on a walker now, with a tripod cane on order.