Here in the hospital via the ER at the suggestion of the oncology nurse, due to bowel concerns. Tests done & after two bags of fluids (for low sodium) and a BM, we’ll be on our way home tomorrow. Indelicate yes perhaps but all a part of the treatment and its effects.

As noted previously, I finished 28 Radiation sessions on Friday 11/10 and six Chemo sessions (this round, anyway) on Wednesday 11/8, and have now had two weeks in which to recovery, which frankly has been the most difficult part; again, Betty and I are so very grateful that we were warned this is a grind and that treatment continues to wear even after it’s completed. 

Much of these last two weeks has been spent in managing side effects, of which, according to the American Cancer Society, there are 18 for Chemo, and I’ve had the vast majority of them. Spent a day or so in the hospital last week, for example, but apparently I am moving forward at least to some considerable extent, although I’m incredibly weak, having lost some twenty pounds. My appetite is returning, which is a good sign, and my digestive system is more or less back to where it had been before all this started. Even when I am back to my old self, all that means is that I survived treatment. It does not mean that treatment worked. Having been warned that the kind of cancer I have is difficult to treat, I’m fully expecting that there will be a second round of something, but that’s to be determined in mid-January after more testing. Outcomes are out of my hand, but means is up to me, and I must do my part to get as strong as possible for the next round, should there be one. 

My great good thanks to my immediate family, namely Betty of course, who has been with me very step of the way; Elizabeth, Sam & Ramona; and Peter & Nicole, along with brother-in-law Mike O’Dea, who’s kept in close touch and who invited us for Thanksgiving Breakfast at Uncle Bill’s Pancake House & Diner, and many, many others. 

In a couple of weeks or so, Betty and I are headed to Houston for a Cast/Crew showing of “Illusions of Cyn”, the script for which I wrote. There, we’ll meet up with Elizabeth, Peter, and our friend Steve, along with the cast of the film and many of those working on it, whom Betty and I had met before. These are all independent film people, mostly from Houston, and the director seems happy with the results, so I am really, really looking forward to this. 

Life goes on. The adventure continues.